Join us for ComfyCon AU 2024

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6th and 7th of April from 12pm (AEDT)

Join from your couch!

  • We aim to have a casual conference, with people talking about things that interest them and the rest of the community. You can be at home, in your pyjamas, drinking a beer, and we’ll take you.
  • We welcome all Australian and New Zealand speakers (although international speakers are welcome too if you want to stay up late!) to talk about Cyber Security, and Cyber Security Adjacent topics, close to their hearts.
About ComfyCon
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Have you done this before?

Why yes we have. Some of our previous events include:

  • ComfyCon AU ground zero: Cyber without leaving your isolation tank.
  • 2020 sucked so much we did it again: Don’t get fried, stay inside.
  • We came back bigger than ever in April 2022: The new normal.
  • Just when we swore we’d never do it in summer again: Better together.