Call for Papers

ComfyCon call for papers guidelines, hints & tips

We welcome all Australian and New Zealand speakers (although international speakers are welcome too if you want to stay up late!) to talk about Cyber Security, and Cyber Security Adjacent topics, close to their hearts. Topics from the past include:

  • Career transitions into cyber security
  • Meditation, and other mental health issues.
  • Hacking devices, such as drones or sex toys.
  • How to build a business or startup in cyber
  • Forensics, pentesting, incident response and more!

But if you have something to talk about we’ll (most likely) be happy to host you!

We aim to have a casual conference, with people talking about things that interest them and the rest of the community. You can be at home, in your pyjamas, drinking a beer, and we’ll take you.

All talk submissions are reviewed by the organisers before selection. There is no double blind randomised selection, we just pick the talks that sound good. We may contact you for more details.

Please note:

  • Fields indicated by “DIVERSITY INDICATOR” help us to understand the diversity aspects of our participants. We request you answer these accurately as this helps us to track our engagement with diverse groups, but have also included “Not provided” if you choose not to.
  • Talks about “buzzword topics” (see: NFP, blockchain, AI) will be more scrutinised. Noting the significant interest around these subjects, we want to be able to make sure we are adding value to the community.
  • Talks will not include vendor-related pitches or products or PR marketing campaigns. You will be cut off if you do this.
  • Employer logo can only appear on two slides: Introduction and Biography.
We reserve the right to approve or not approve talks.