How to CFP

Resources for CFP writing

  1. Let’s talk CFPs, with Lidia Giuliano (ComfyConAU 2020)

    • Description: In this talk, Lidia Giuliano discusses the mystery of the CFP (Call for Papers) and what it should look like. She covers various aspects, including developing ideas, structuring the CFP, and understanding the differences between submitting to industry conferences and community conferences. Additionally, she discusses novel vs. new speaker talks and how knowing the specific conference and audience can assist in your submission.
    • Video: Watch the talk
  2. How Do I Make My CFP Stand Out?

    • Description: The speaker provides insights into making your CFP stand out. They answer common questions like “What is a good CFP?” and offer tips and tricks for improving your chances of getting your proposal accepted.
    • Link: Tips for making your CFP stand out
  3. 5 Common CFP Submission Mistakes for Security Conferences

    • Description: This article highlights common mistakes made when submitting CFPs to security conferences. The author draws from their experience as a reviewer for Black Hat and shares insights into what not to do when submitting your proposal.
    • Link: Read the article
  4. Confessions of a Conference Program Committee Member

    • Description: The author, a member of a conference program committee, offers tips for submitting CFPs. The key points include being clear, concise, and qualified in your submission.
    • Link: Read the confessions
  5. The Diana Initiative Cybersecurity Research Panel

    • Description: This video features a panel of experts discussing topics related to cybersecurity research. They provide insights on how to pick a research topic, structure your research, manage your time, and set realistic goals.
    • Video: Watch the panel discussion