Speaker Resources

Speaker resources

So you got accepted, now what?

  1. Want to Write a Keynote Speech? You Can Steal My Structure. You’re Welcome.
    • Description: The recommended keynote speech structure involves creating a visual diagram, using a metaphorical story, presenting a real-life case study, framing the topic as a quest, and crafting a concise, memorable statement. This structured approach aims to engage the audience by combining visual elements, relatable narratives, and powerful messages for an impactful keynote experience.
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  2. Building better security presentations.
    • Description: The author provides a comprehensive guide on building effective security presentations. The key points include starting with a strong abstract, creating a well-structured outline, choosing appropriate software for slides, emphasising visual elements, and ensuring readability through proper font size and colour contrast. The author also shares personal experiences, tips for practicing and dealing with nervousness, and highlights the importance of repurposing presentations for broader visibility.
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