Disclose.io - Vulnerability Disclosure and Hacker Safeharbor in 2020

After 40 years of hard-fought battles, the Internet has finally reached a place where it knows that hackers aren’t always burglars… Many of us are locksmiths. We think bad, but do good, view technology and often the world in a very different way to the people who build it; and form the immune system for our digitally-connected society.

Of all the problems the internet has, there seems to be one that rules them all: It doesn’t understand how to work with it’s immune system.

In this keynote I’ll run through the past/present/future of the vulnerability disclosure, and give a run-through of disclose.io: an open-source and vendor-agnostic initiative to make conversations between builders and breakers safe, standardized, and simple. I’ll close with a Call To Action for all participants with simple ways to help and get involved.