Guardians of the cloud: the sysadmin’s guide to cloud security

Organisations are rapidly moving applications to the cloud to support remote work in the COVID-19 era, leaving sysadmins and security teams to secure a sprawling mass of cloud-based infrastructure. It’s easy to “lift and shift” on-premises administrative practices to cloud environments. However, cloud systems are prime targets for attackers and require a new approach to administration. So what is the most secure way to manage your Tier 1 servers running in AWS, application development in GitHub and business collaboration in Slack? In her talk, Bronwyn will compare the threat models of cloud and on-premises systems. We will review some well known cloud breaches and Bronwyn will share real-life lessons learned from working on cloud migrations. Lastly, Bronwyn will help you to put theory into practice by providing some best practices to keep your cloud applications and infrastructure secure.