Why I 🖤 Privacy

I spend all day providing advice to people who do different jobs that use data. Folks don’t seem to be too interested in the why, they just want to understand the what, when and how, and then get on with their day. But I wouldn’t be the privacy legend that I am without trying to get them thinking about the why and how they would feel if their own data was used in a way that they didn’t expect or which made them uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, it is rare that I’m confronted with such a scenario at work - I want to be clear that in my experience most organisations are doing the right thing, or at least trying to with the best of intentions (leaving resourcing and budget constraints to one side), but if the people in organisations understand the why then concepts of privacy will be built into the products and services in an authentic way. I want to talk to you about privacy in your lives, at home, online and how that translates to good privacy practices when you go to work.