Applying First Nations Philosophy to Cyber Security Strategies.

My aim is to clearly apply three elements of Indigenous philosophy and how it corresponds with what is needed for a strong, robust, cyber security strategy. Overall, this links to the bigger picture of rethinking our current cyber security problems and rebooting to strengthen responses to threats. These three elements are adaptability, moral and ethical wisdom, and value for autonomous regard.

Supporting First Nations people and knowledge in the cybersecurity industry is so important as we move forward. As a proud First Nations woman, I want to help with that initiative and assist in opening opportunities for Indigenous knowledge to be harnessed in how we respond to cyber security threats. Australia would not be the first country to do this. There have been many countries in the Middle East to utilise their cultural knowledge and philosophy to influence the decision-making process when creating security strategies.

I will also explain some ways that the cybersecurity industry can help bridge the Digital Divide and create more pathways for Indigenous people to get into cyber. The overall aim of my speech is to focus on holistic outcomes for cyber and utilise cultural knowledge so that a sense of community spirit can be formed and that people of all cultures feel heard.