Hack your (people) networks: Applying Red and Blue teaming to your career

This talk will bring familiar elements of approaches to Cyber Security, and attempt to view through the lens of your professional networks. Let’s face it, many Comfycon attendees are quite happy to regress into introversion throughout lockdowns, this talk is designed to get you thinking, up off the couch and developing your social skills in a new colour!

Red team / offensive mindset is emulating an attack or acting as an adversary to overcome security controls, or identify weaknesses in people, processes and technology to gain authorised access. While typically applicable to an operational environment, these skills are very applicable in your day to day life when trying to hack a new professional relationship together. Bianca will use her experience to help understand how the behavioural characteristics of another person are vital to building a good relationship. There are key components to consider about how you craft your persona based on your intended target and what you want to achieve.

Blue teaming is a defensive mindset to build resilience in networks and services, and counter any sneaky red teamers trying to probe your defences or take advantage to gain a foothold. Blue teamers work in very high tempo environments, managing threats 24x7 from a range of sources and requiring a wide variety of skills to defend against attacks both simple and complex. Prescott will detail the importance of a defensive mindset in managing relationships, and how building resilience in your professional network can insulate you against external pressures throughout your career.

Hear and learn about the ‘red’ and ‘blue’ techniques you can equip yourself with when wanting to win that next job, build a bigger professional network or get that next client buying into your organisation’s projects.