Technical development for people from non technical backgrounds (application/product security focus)

My career started in the User Experience space, I then moved into project management and scrum master roles then into security consulting and I am now fortunate enough to work in the product security space which has been my goal for some time. Having done only a short IT degree at university, these transitions were not easy and it was quite daunting to think about doing more technical work and moving into technical roles. As a result of having great mentors who have nudged me in the right direction, i’m now capable of programming in multiple languages, can build robust scripts for security automation and tooling, I’ve worked with many application security tools and have learnt how to do manual code reviews and web app pen testing. This talk is great for those who are interested in working in appsec or prodsec but may not have an engineering background like most experienced appsec or prodsec engineers. It’s a highly practical talk about some core skills for application security professionals.