Allen Baranov

Allen has been in the information security industry for over 20 years. He has presented at ComfyCon a few times and at other - less revered - conferences such as Def Con Blue Team Village, PCI DSS Conference, AISA CyberConf and a smattering of others. He is currently a Manager-level consultant at CyberCX involved in the GRC space and mainly dealing with PCI and payment card compliance.

A Deep Dive into Winning Infosec Using Stickiness and Oiliness

Last year at the AISA conference, I presented on 8 essential ways of doing infosec - what I called the “More-Essential Essential-8”.

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How to Fight a Virus with a Spreadsheet

Reporting is an important part of Infosec but reports often get ignored.

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MageCart - modern web attacks for fun and profit

Magecart has been in the news many times due to high profile breaches such as when 100s of Australian website were found to have malware on them and when BA was fined for over $200m.

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