Cairo is a cyber security professional specialising in GRC. She is currently a Senior Manager at MF&Associates, helping Federal Government clients manage cyber risks. Her previous roles include Trust Team Lead for a software vendor and Cyber Risk Advisor for one of the world’s largest mining companies. She is passionate about improving the business reputation of cyber security, increasing diversity and inclusion within the industry, and Stardew Valley.

/usr/bin/purl or why learning to knit made me a better Cyber professional

Cyber is one of those industries where you’re constantly expected to be learning new things.

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Backing up your tech career: building redundancy in the face of redundancy

Another day, another big company making layoffs. It’s terrifying isn’t it?

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The ISO on the cake: insights into getting 27001 certification

With an increasing focus on supply chains, getting those security certifications has never been more important for product companies.

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