Gitanjali is a highly motivated and skilled Computer Science Engineer with postgraduate qualifications in Cyber Security with a mix of research experience in Cyber Security and development experience in the software industry. Gitanjali has a strong interest and extensive hands on research and development experience in Cyber Security Usable Security and Privacy.

Recently, Gitanjali Submitted her thesis towards her master’s by research degree from UNSW Canberra in the area of usable security and privacy. For her Master’s research, Gitanjali developed a theoretical framework to find the mechanism that links IT users anti-phishing knowledge with their confidence. She incorporated her proven hypothesis into a game based anti phishing learning tool that will enhance IT user’s self efficacy in phishing threat avoidance behavior.

Gitanjali published her research in an International Conference in Cyber Security and Communication Systems, ICCSCS 2019. Gitanjali holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer science and Engineering. In addition, Gitanjali also have industry experience having worked on certain projects as a software engineer.

Teach IT user’s not to get phished: Play the game, get the knowledge and confidence to handle phishing emails/websites

Phishing attacks are prevalent and humans are central to this online identity theft attack, which aims to steal victims’ sensitive and personal information such as username, password, and online banking details.

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