Jess Dodson

Based in Brisbane, Australia and with close to 20 years of experience in the management & architecture of identity & security system platforms, a passion for fixing things and a stubbornness to push people to get the basics RIGHT, Jess wears the title of SecOps Witch proudly! Chances are if you’ve run into “girlgerms” online, you’ve spoken to Jess.

Having spoken at Ignite Australia in 2015, she was bitten by the public-speaking bug and has spoken again at both Ignite New Zealand and Ignite Australia for 2016 & 2017, then jumping into the deep end by speaking at Ignite 2019 in Florida. Despite that, Jess still speaks at more local cons such as CrikeyCon and DDDBrisbane. You may also remember Jess from AusCERT 2021 and she’ll be speaking again at AusCERT 2022!

Back to Basics aka 'Why can't we get this shit right?!'

Time and time again - especially recently! - we’re seeing breaches occurring because (with 20/20 hindsight, of course!

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