Ryan Mclaren

Ryan’s the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Retrospect Labs. With a background in Incident Response (having spent a number of years working in - and eventually leading - the ACSC’s Incident Response team), he’s more recently joined the startup world, founding Retrospect Labs in early 2020. Not from a technical background (humanities for the win!) but having worked in cyber for over ten years now, Ryan brings a unique lens to cyber security - private sector challenges, government, policy, incident response, leading teams, communicating technical concepts to non-technical audiences, and of course cyber security exercises are his experiences and strengths.

Good Incident Response; More Than Just Tech Stuff

Looking back at some of of the previous Incident Response operations he led, Ryan will give an overview into some of the critical functions and skills required of Incident Response personnel.

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Thinking of starting your own company? Do it! But maybe listen to this first

Having run my own cyber security startup for a few years now (since the start of 2020!

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